At Sushi Kaji, authenticity is more than a tradition; it's the passion that drives us. Each day, Kaji personally undertakes the meticulous curation of the freshest fish, sourced from discerning local vendors and prestigious markets in Japan and beyond, guaranteeing an unmatched standard of excellence for every dish we serve. Our commitment doesn't stop at the main ingredients; we enhance the authenticity of our culinary creations with garnishes and condiments procured exclusively from Japan.

While our menu doesn't feature the more familiar global iterations of Japanese cuisine, we take immense pleasure in guiding our guests on a voyage through Kaji’s culinary artistry. Join us for an immersive experience that transcends dining, offering a heartfelt journey into the very essence of authentic Japanese food culture.

Mitsuhiro Kaji

Mitsuhiro Kaji embarked on his journey into the art of sushi at the age of 13. His passion and unyielding dedication to his craft led him through a series of apprenticeships under the Japan's master chefs. With each move, every few years, he embraced a new region, a unique style, and intricate techniques, weaving them into the tapestry of his expanding culinary expertise.

In the vibrant 80s, Kaji's journey took a transcontinental turn, bringing his exceptional talent and vision to Toronto. Here, his culinary flair blossomed, and he became the driving force behind the inception of eight distinct sushi establishments within the city. The dawn of the new millennium marked a pivotal chapter in Kaji's illustrious career. May 2000 witnessed the culmination of his lifelong dream — the grand opening of Sushi Kaji.

Kaji’s philosophy is that Japanese cuisine is an indulgence for the senses, a delicate balance that beckons both reverence and celebration. To him, crafting exquisite sushi is not merely a practice but a devotion, necessitating not just extensive training but a meticulous, almost meditative, nurturing of each ingredient. For Kaji, the secret to transcendent sushi experiences lies in an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction where it starts from selecting the premier ingredients, an ethos of never compromising on quality, and an intimate understanding of the delicate balance required to bring a “wow” factor on each bite.